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Two things every supplier and manufacturer have in common: you want flexibility, and you love your brand. Hit Commerce tailors each approach to meet your needs so you remain flexible. We also work closely with suppliers and manufacturers to protect and promote your brand image. After all, it's who you are.

The Internet has changed how people shop, and we are proud to be a part of this exciting new world. In 2012, e-commerce sales in the U.S. soared to $289 billion, and the largest share of online revenue came from online retail shopping sites. Last year, Americans spent $186.2 billion shopping online, with $10 billion coming from mobile commerce--a true sign that buying habits are evolving and centering on cyberspace. An e-commerce market forecast projects that by 2016, U.S. online revenue will climb to 361.9 billion. Hit Commerce plans to grow with these numbers and hopes you’ll join in on the adventure.

Why Partner With Hit Commerce

Commitment to Growth

Our goal is to make revenues swiftly climb, becoming a leading partner for each of our suppliers. We invest in individuals who are marketing experts to ensure the greatest exposure each time a supplier joins our team.

Partnership in Customer Service Excellence

We trust in our excellent suppliers to provide quick shipping, careful packaging, up-to-date stock status, and efficient communication with the Hit Commerce so that we may provide the best in customer service.

Brand and Channel Integrity

Hit Commerce knows the importance of brand integrity and is committed to protecting the image of each supplier by working closely to ensure each item we present appropriately represents our trusted vendors. We also promise to make sure the brand’s message is consistent and complementary to our suppliers’ current sales outlets.

Flexibility and Ease

We want all of our relationships to be smooth ones so we work to establish a relationship with each supplier in order to fully understand the product so we can effectively market and sell it. This close communication will also enable Hit Commerce to provide the best customer service.

Join us in our continued growth by contacting us today.